Your Complete Guide to Boho Flare Pants

We owe a lot to the ‘70s – the rise of disco, the release of Jaws (which cleared out most beaches), the birth of SNL, and the invention of Sony’s Walkman to name a few. The ‘70s were a pivotal point in history for social, cultural, and technological change.

Swept into this era were the boho fashion trends that have become iconic throughout the decades. Bright knit crop tops, tie-dye, peasant blouses – the ‘70s presented us with a mismatch of colors, lines, and fabrics. Amidst all the styles, one screams ‘70s a little louder: flare pants. 

Corduroy Flare Pants

Dress with flair. Whether you are going to a ‘70s themed party or the mall, corduroy flare pants are a vibe. We are particularly feeling these Distressed Corduroy Flare Pants in ash brown, black, and maple. Rock them with a white peasant blouse for chic daytime attire or throw on some sky-high heels and take them to the club. They make great partners in crime for breaking out your ‘70s dance moves. Approved.

Knit Flare Pants

If you want to max out on comfort and style, throw some knit flare pants into your boho wardrobe. Our Flare Knit Pants in black or auburn should do the trick. These babies feature an elasticized waistband and soft, knit fabric so you can sashay your way into any establishment. Pair them with a cute crochet crop top for peak strutting attire.

Floral Flare Pants

We’ve covered corduroy and knit flare pants – why stop there? Mixing textures was a big part of the ‘70s with the infusion of corduroy, crochet, denim, and velvet to name a few. But it was also the era of psychedelic prints, vibrant patterns, and flower power. Show your love for a gorgeous bouquet of flowers in these Floral Print Flare Pants. Wear them with a white crop cardigan top or something plain so the emphasis remains on the pants. This ‘fit is fun for first dates – look cute, casual, and carefree.

Ribbed Flare Pants

Back to textures – ribbed flare pants are perfect if you want to give the illusion of long legs. Scoop up our Ribbed Knit Flare Pants in a funky cigar hue. The subtle, vertical ribbed design can make you appear taller than you are. Match it with a fitted crop top to add to the aesthetic.

Show your flair for fashion and appreciation of the ‘70s with a chic pair of flares from FOREVER 21. Check out our new arrivals in bottoms to be in the know of the latest trends for your wardrobe. 

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