Why You Need Tortoise Shell Accessories

Though it’s currently trending, tortoise shell print is nothing new. In fact, tortoise shell has been a fashion favorite since the beginning of fashion itself (we’re talking Greece here).

The print is fashionable, classic, and versatile, which is why it’s been around for so long.

That’s why this print is one of our favorite go-tos when it comes to accessories. Whether you’re someone who loves to accessorize or you like to keep it simple, you need to add tortoise shell accessories to your wardrobe, like, yesterday.

Keep scrolling to see some fun and funky accessories that will level up your next look and to see why you need this print in your lineup right now.

What’s the Best Tortoise Shell Accessory?

Like we mentioned above, tortoise shell has been around for thousands and thousands of years. It’s basically been used in accessories as long as staples like silver, gold, and pearls. And you can’t go wrong with a classic.

The age-less-ness of tortoise shell means that while it is “on trend,” it never really goes out of style.

If you’re looking for that full retro mets timeless vibe, add some tortoise shell glasses. They pair with pretty much every outfit and will always look on-point.

Classic Tortoise Shell Pattern

Some accessories can add a little too much oomph to your outfit, which is great when that’s the look you’re going for. But if you just want to add just a lil’ something that tszujes up your look, tortoise shell accessories are the way to go. They add the right amount of excitement without taking away from the main attraction, like with these tortoise shell hoop earrings

They make a subtle statement, which is sometimes exactly what you need. 

Bold Accessories

Of course, tortoise shell accessories can easily be casual, but you can also use them to dress up any outfit.

If you’re rocking distressed jeans and a white v-neck tee, you can turn it into a dressier look with tortoise shell accessories and some heels.

  • How Do I Style It? – A tortoise shell pendant necklace and high-polish drop earrings are the perfect additions to jeans and a tee or a cute strappy sundress.

Casual but Elegant Looks

Toss on a pair of chunky cat-eye sunglasses to make you look like a full-on celebrity wherever you are, whether it’s brunch with your girlfriends or walking around town. For added glamor, pull your hair into a fun updo with printed claw hair clips.

Do Black and Brown Go Together

It may seem counterintuitive, but certain prints are considered neutrals. Like cheetah print. And tortoise shell. This favorite of ours is basically a blend of black and brown, which means it can go with any color, any style, and it’s fashionable in any season. Seriously, we dare you to try a hue that doesn’t go with tortoise shell. (P.S. you can’t!)

With tortoise shell, you simply can’t go wrong. You can wear the look with any style from boho to elegant. Thanks to its versatility and classical history, tortoise shell is a staple print you need to have in your style rotation. Shop today to find the perfect accessories you’ve been searching for.

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