The Revival of Y2K Outfits

The noughties called. Time to answer on your bedazzled flip phone. Y2K fashion is back and with a vengeance – think Juicy Couture velour tracksuits, bright and gaudy accessories, crop tops, matching your sunglasses to your ‘fit, and chunky belts. Let’s return to the time before social media was dominating our lives, when The Simple Life aired, and Britney Spears and J.T. rocked their Canadian tuxedos for that ICONIC red carpet moment.  

Need some Y2K vibes in your wardrobe? Get in loser, we’re going shopping.

Silk Scarves! The Satin Cami!

Last year we saw a soft opening of the Y2K revival tour with the explosion of silk scarves being fashioned as tops on TikTok and by our fave celebs. If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to jump on board.

We’re totally here for this Lace-Back Cropped Cami worn with jeans and your hair pinned back in a pony and two thin strands hanging loosely over your face. Grab your brightly colored baguette bag and you’re good to go.

Cruise down the street on your Razor scooter in this Satin Cropped Cami. Pair it with cute denim daisy duke cut-offs, or crank it up a notch and pair it with our Skater Mini Skirt for hitting up the mall. A satin cami is a total no-brainer because it goes with anything and can be dressed down for casual day looks or up with heels, hoops, and cute hairclips for nighttime shenanigans.

More Baby Tees, Please

That little cropped shirt or cami with the butterfly on it is classic oughties. In fact, any cropped cami or shirt featuring a cute character, a slogan, or graphics of iconic Y2K brands screams, “I know my way around an Xbox 360.” Style this fun Hot Wheels Graphic Cami with black faux leather pants or cargo pants and a chunky belt for busting some moves in DDR (Dance Dance Revolution, for the newbies).

Wide-Leg Denim Jeans and Boots with the Fur

Here’s a style we can’t overlook – the wide-leg pant worn with a pair of uggs or fluffy slides – such a vibe. Rock our Colorblock Wide-Leg Jeans with our Faux Leather Sweetheart Cropped Cami. Slip on a pair of fluffy booties for the cooler weather and cinch this Y2K outfit together with a cute bandana in your hair.

Velour Anything

Think Paris Hilton in her unforgettable pink velour Juicy Couture tracksuit or our beloved Elle Woods from Legally Blonde. Dive into our collection of Juicy Couture for a total Y2K look that you can strut around campus in. We double dare you to choose tinted sunglasses that match your velour and accessorize with gigantic gold or silver hoops. Throw a few butterfly clips in your hair to seal the deal.

Pleated Skirts

Is it even a Y2K outfit if it doesn’t feature a pleated mini? For those who remember the Bratz doll craze of the noughties, here’s your chance to dress up like one. Rock a pleated mini paired with an oversized sweater, cropped cami or baby tee. The perfect ensemble for cruising down the main street.

Drip the Y2K aesthetic and style this ‘fit with chunky boots or sneakers and a black plastic choker. Grab your black baguette handbag and you’re totally ready to hit the skatepark.

For more noughties nostalgia, shop our full collection of new arrivals in store or online at

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