The Burnt Orange Dress – Vibes

Orange you glad to hear this color is making a comeback? This rich sunset hue looks stunning by itself or paired with a range of palettes that can make it pop. Throw a Little Orange Dress (LOD) into your wardrobe this season to brighten up your collection.

Did you know that orange represents enthusiasm and energy? It’s no wonder that you feel empowered when wearing it because the color promotes self-esteem and confidence. The burnt hue is a classy choice for dressier events at outdoor venues – think garden cocktail parties and rooftop shenanigans. Want to know how to blend her on the color wheel? We wheely vibe these choices.

The Burnt Orange Dress feat. Black Accessories

If you’re looking to draw maximum attention to your new orange frock, we suggest opting for simple black accessories to style with it. Our Abstract Print Mesh Midi Dress speaks louder than your accessories. Wear it with some black sneakers, a black crossbody, and a cute black fedora for a fun day outfit suitable for the mall, the park, the local café, and everything in between.

Earth Tones

Earth tones refer to any color that you might find in nature and pairing a few together creates an incredible aesthetic. Unearth the natural goddess in you by rocking a burnt orange dress with creams, tans, sages, and deep navy. Start with the dress – we love our Surplice Cami Maxi Dress as a strong base. For our plus-size goddesses, peep our Plus Size Velour Mini Dress in rust for your base. Throw on some chunky gold jewelry – hoops and a necklace – and then opt for some brown strappy sandals. Go for a matching tan handbag to tie in your shoes and then pick either a deep green or navy fedora to bring it all together.

Not a hat girl? Consider a billowy navy scarf or light jacket – the perfect ensemble for a desert road trip or gallivanting through your local vintage market.

‘70s Style Burnt Orange Dresses

The ‘70s are coming in hot on the fashion scene rn, and we’re 100 all in for it. If you’re a lover of a cheeky checkered pattern, we suggest scooping up our Double-Breasted Plaid Mini Dress to pair with those chunky white boots that have been sitting in your closet for way too long. This look is perfect if you’re heading to the countryside for a town fair. It’s a very scones-and-jam-at-the-local-café mode. Stuff your face with the free samples at the farmers market, buy yourself a hand-crafted trinket, and absolutely slay in this ensemble.

For casual streetwear, an orange dress and denim jacket is a killer combination. This is a great way to make it pop. Keeping with our earth-tone theme, the Chevron Mini Cami Dress is giving us big ‘70s energy. Style it with a light denim jacket and cream baseball cap, and you’re all set to hit the drive-in, the roller rink, or chase the ice cream truck down the street. We guarantee this look is sure to be one of your favs for the summer.

You can never have too many frocks, and as far as we are concerned, you can never have too much burnt orange in your wardrobe. Check out our latest collection of dresses and plus-size dresses for some serious inspo this season.

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