Sustainable Fashion: Making a Mindful Change One Garment at a Time

Don’t just look amazing but feel amazing about your fashion choices. As we work towards becoming a more responsible brand, we’ve started to design more sustainable products.

At FOREVER 21, we want to be recognized for our great on-trend fashions collections and values, but also for our sustainability efforts and conscious initiatives. During the last year we have been committed to creating more collections that use more responsible materials. This includes our Forever Basics range made from organically grown cotton, our growing collection of sweaters and dresses made from recycled materials and our vegan leather pieces.

Mindful Choice: Look Great, Feel Great, Shop Sustainably

To become a more responsible and sustainable brand, we are taking small steps towards a big goal.

When you shop with us you can also find a growing selection of sustainably produced dresses, sweaters and jackets, made from organic cotton as well as recycled cotton and polyester.

Organic Cotton: A More Sustainable Choice

As part of our environmental commitment, we are adding more organic cotton to our assortment. Today all Forever Basics are made from either 100% or 95% organically grow cotton as well as the majority of our graphic tees and all our towels and bed sheets from our new Home assortment.

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