What to Wear to Your Summer White Party

You have an invite to a party, and there’s a dress code: wear white.

The dress code for an all-white party is simple: you need to find an outfit that is either all or mostly white.

White parties have been popular ever since Diddy threw the first one on Labor Day of 1998. Since then, you can find them in cities like Chicago, New York, Miami, and Palm Springs. 

Now that the original is about to be old enough to order a drink at a bar, it seems fitting to spotlight some white party outfits to serve as your inspiration.

A Classic Maxi Dress

Summer is not just the ideal time for a party, but it is also the time for traveling. If jet-setting to the white party of your dreams is in your future, then you might want to consider an easily packable dress. There are a variety of white dresses available right now whether you go for something shorter, or a long maxi dress

A Sophisticated Jumpsuit

Not sold on wearing a dress, but still, want something simple that you can pull on and go? Then a jumpsuit can be just the thing. We love the Strappy Halter Jumpsuit for its structured top and trouser-like fit through the legs. It’s a gorgeous look that is perfect for summer. 

A Subtle Dash of Color

The original white party had a strict dress code, but some of the hosts of today’s parties being thrown are okay with the presence of other colors. If you want to infuse a touch of another color into your look, then a graphic tee is the perfect way to do it. 

Finding a white t-shirt with a subtle design or just a few words will meet your needs nicely. Just make sure the background is white. 

It’s Shorts Season

It is summer, which means shorts are coming out to play. If you’re opting for a top and bottom outfit, then you might want to take a look at some white shorts. They are the perfect companion to graphic tees, swimsuits, and bodysuits.

A Stylish Swimsuit

A bathing suit is a naturally structured piece of clothing that can show off your figure and make an outfit pop. You can incorporate a swimsuit into your white party outfit by layering it with your favorite white skirt or shorts and a cover-up.  Plus, you’ll be ready to take a dip in the pool or ocean at a moment’s notice. 

Don’t Forget the Shoes

At the original party in the Hamptons in 1998, Diddy strictly enforced the white dress code by turning hopeful attendees away for wearing beige or black shoes. To be sure you can party with the best of them, make sure your white party outfit is complimented with a pair of white sandals

Ready to Party?

The options for a white party outfit are limitless. Not sure any of these options are right for you? Head over to FOREVER 21 and start looking for white clothing that fits your unique taste. 

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