Stop Traffic with These Colorful Eyeshadow Looks

Looking at anyone’s eyeshadow palette will tell you what their personal style is when it comes to makeup. For a lot of us, we are rocking neutral lids – when you open our palette, often the bright eyeshadows are left untouched. Is this because we may not know how to use them without looking like a clown? Possibly.

Fortunately, bright eyeshadow is in, and we have the Y2K revival to thank for it along with our besties on Euphoria to give us some inspiration on how to style it.

Euphoria Make Up Looks

Let’s look at the TV show Euphoria for some serious bright eyeshadow inspo. One of our fave characters, Maddy, is showing us how to slay in a bright lid with a solid winged eyeliner. Maddy typically blends a few shades of the one color over her lid for a dramatic look. Pick up our Pink Paradise Palette, select a white or light pink and brush your lid with it. Then, halfway across the lid, switch to a slightly darker hue and sweep it across. Blend the darker shade in the outermost corner of your eye, extending it out to sit on top of where you draw your eyeliner wing. Grab your liquid eyeliner and trace the line of your lid, flicking it off and up for a dramatic wing. Be sure to connect it to the bottom lid.

Don’t forget the eye jewels! Euphoria is teaching us how to style them by tracing your lids. Grab a set of our Iridescent Candy Kiss All in One Face Jewels to accentuate your look. They come in sticker strips so you can conveniently place them above and below your eyes or cut the individual jewels off their select pieces and sit them around the periphery of your eye color to frame your eye makeup and give you an all-over glam look.

Color Pop Eyeshadow

In case you missed the memo, Y2K style is trending and there’s no better way to give it the revival it deserves than matching your eyeshadow to your outfit. It’s the ultimate noughties vibe. Select an eyeshadow palette with a wide range of colors so you have all bases covered. Our Sweet Paradise Destiny Eye & Face Palette is definitely a go-to for most of your color schemes in your wardrobe. Match your hue to your ‘fit and then gently sweep your brush across your eyelid for a solid, dramatic look. We love this palette because it also comes with highlighters to accentuate your looks on your cheekbones as well as capture an overall subtle glow.

Another look we love is contrasting your neutral ‘fits with a big, bold lid. Grab our Stormy Eyeshadow Palette and make your eyes the feature of your looks this season. Accentuate with a winged eye and matching baguette bag!

Glitter Eyeshadow Looks

If you’re still not sold if the colored eyeshadow look can work for you, there’s another solution. Pick up a palette of warm neutral tones such as our Venus XL – Eyeshadow Palette and opt for the browner hues. Finish your look with an all-over shimmer. You can achieve this effect with our Diamond Dew – Eyeshadow Topper. The topper is smudge proof and promises to make your eyes pop!

When it comes to makeup, our vote of approval is that you put a bright, bold lid on it. As well as colorful eyeshadow palettes, we carry a range of quality makeup to glam up your looks. Check out our full selection in store or online at

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