Set the Mood: Bedroom Lighting Ideas

When it comes to feng shui, lighting is everything. It can make or break a room and the beauty of lighting is it’s the fastest way to enhance your living space without taking a can of paint to the walls or blowing out your budget on expensive vintage furniture. Make your room a sanctuary by ditching the aggressive overhead light and getting some subtle, romantic hues popping in your boudoir. Here’s a few ideas to get you started.

Neon Signs

Neon signs are always a great investment. They bring a lot of charm and personality into any room and can instantly turn a boring space into a funky hangout spot. Snag our No Bad Days Hanging Neon Sign for your bedroom to bring a boost of positivity and set the vibe to chill.

We ran a vibe check on our Relax LED Neon Light and it passed the test. If you’re looking for a gentle reminder to slow down, keep calm, and carry on, this one is for you. Place it in plain sight of your bed so you get the memo while you’re Netflix and chillin’.

Salt Lamps

If new age is more your vibe, our Himalayan Salt Table Lamp is the perfect fit for your room. Not only do salt lamps look great as bedside lamps, but they also purify the air, help you relax, enhance your sleep, and can improve your allergies. Keep a salt lamp by your bed if you struggle with nighttime anxiety. It can be a real gamechanger. Our lamp features changing LED lights so you can easily switch up the vibe depending on your mood.

String Lights

A classic bedroom lighting idea: string lights. String lights are great for adding some extra, subtle lighting in certain places around your room. You may wish to wrap them over your curtain rods and have them frame your window or place them around your bedframe. For a forest-chic, gypsy vibe, string up our Leaf Twinkle String Lights which offer a warm, white glow.

Looking to add a pop of color to your room? Our Rainbow Twinkle String Lights are just what you need. Make a feature wall out of it behind your bed for a chic, funky aesthetic. Now that you’ve got the lighting sitch squared away, check out our room and bedding for some inspo on pillows, posters, and more to turn your sacred space into a personal oasis.

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