Romance Is in the Wear

Romance might be in the air all year long for some, but it’s especially so during the month of February. With Valentine’s Day almost upon us, it’s time to start – or continue – thinking about love and all of the ways to celebrate it. When Cupid is involved, there’s no telling what amorous surprises are in store. From flowers and chocolates to helicopter rides and marriage proposals, couples are gearing up for heightened romance. You are just in time to plan your standout Valentine’s Day looks!

Satin, Lace, & Velvet

Since Valentine’s Day is the second busiest day of the year for restaurants, why not bring your A-game when it comes to that special dinner date? Impress your already smitten date with a little velvet number, lace layering, or combine the two! Your date won’t have time to look at the menu when you step on the scene in your Valentine’s Day outfit! You will be the true gift whether you decide on a delicate floral lace, slinky satin or va-va-va-voom velvet! Any of these choices will be winners, and soft to the touch, so don’t be surprised if you receive extra attention and a lingering greeting hug!  

Love Is in the Heart of the Beholder

Heart eyes, heart decorations, and heartfelt expressions! How about having fun making someone else smile with some heart-shaped Valentine’s Day gifts? Spoil your Valentine with a surprise picnic date! Plan the menu, venue, and grab your boo! But first, offer a flirty wardrobe option with a heart print wrap dress! Perfect for a relaxing day (or night) in the park, your love can dress it up with a pair of heels or go casual with a comfy pair of sneakers.

Have the love in your life wear their heart on their sleeve (literally) with the gift of a heart chain-link bracelet! Or, go crazy with the theme and throw in a heart-shaped backpack and or stylish crossbody. They will enjoy keeping their belongings tucked away, guarded and protected inside of their “heart”.

Love Is in the Details

It’s Valentine’s Night and everything is in place. The restaurant reservations were made a month in advance, the eye-catching date was locked in a year ago (Happy Anni!), and your show-stopping oxblood velvet mini dress is laid out on your bed, with your glittery ankle-strap heels, ready to go (and ready to post on the ‘gram)! The cherry on top is the mix-and-match session you are about to have when you get to choose your accessories. While your dress will be the main focal point and attraction, the high-polish accents will pull the entire look together. Rhinestone duster earrings offer just the right amount of shimmer while a delicate chain necklace with a heart-shaped pendant highlights your décolletage area.

If you are anything from single and mingling to one of the 50% of marriage proposals that happen each year on this day, go out and enjoy the day centered on love, but also really enjoy the preparation! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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