Pool Party Outfits: What to Wear

Summer is officially here and fashionistas everywhere are in search of the hottest pool party outfits. Whether you are hitting up a luau, keeping it casual with friends, or planning a nighttime pool party, Forever 21 has you covered. Let’s make this summer one you will always remember! 

What To Wear To Pool Parties 

Pool parties are a staple of summertime. They are also a great way to show off your own individual style, no matter what outfit you choose. Remember, being fashion-forward starts with feeling confident, and confidence comes from being uniquely you. 

Step 1: The Right Swimsuit 

Fun in the sun can get pretty toasty, particularly during the peak of summer. When styling your pool party outfit, first pick out your favorite swimsuit to help you stay cool.

Step 2: Accessorize Based on Your Swimsuit Choice 

Next, you’ll want to style the rest of your pool party outfit based on the vibe of your swimsuit. We’ll show you how! 

If you chose a bold print like the tiger-striped bikini above, keep the rest of your outfit more simple. Throw on a pair of solid color shorts and a cream color top and you’ll be pool party-ready in no time! 

If you chose a solid print swimsuit, choose a bold cover-up that fits your summertime personality. 

Hint hint! Animal print is all the rage! 

Step 3: Shoes, Shoes, Shoes!

Finally, don’t forget about shoes! From stylish flat sandals to lace-up wedges, it’s important to stay comfortable while soaking up the rays. 

Not Swimming? No Problem! 

Let’s discuss what to wear to a pool party if you’re not swimming. Just because the pool is there, it certainly doesn’t mean you have to dive in. If the water isn’t exactly your idea of a fun time, you may be wondering what to wear to a pool party if you’re not swimming. Try out these ideas:

Trendy Worthy Rompers & Jumpsuits

A printed jumpsuit with bold colors is a perfect choice when it comes to casual pool party outfits. Jumpsuits and rompers take the stress out of creating a stylish look while still being incredibly trendy and comfortable. 

Nighttime Pool Parties 

Pool parties don’t necessarily have to take place during the day. 

You may be asking yourself what to wear to a pool party at night. Sure, the sun is gone, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring the heat. 

Crochet is a huge trend this summer and can turn your nighttime look into a pool party outfit that everyone is talking about. 

Rock a crochet cover-up over your favorite black or white one piece for a killer nighttime pool party outfit. 

No matter where your summer takes you, you can bet on pool parties being involved. Don’t forget: when it comes to fashion, confidence is everything. Look great and feel your best with pool party outfits from Forever 21. 

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