Men’s Y2K Fashion Coming in Hot

Back when music videos were the TV-binge, eBay was the Amazon, and we would spend hours curating playlists on iTunes to then sync to our iPods, Y2K gave us some serious trends we will never forget. So it only makes sense that we would revisit this era and evoke some Y2K nostalgia as we mourn the loss of evening trips to Blockbuster and, maybe less so, the sound of the dial-up connection as we waited impatiently to log into MSN.

If you’re feeling like a newbie when it comes to understanding men’s Y2K fashion, fret not. We’ve got you. Here’s the core elements of the Y2K aesthetic to get you feeling the vibe while you blast 50 Cent.

Everything Denim: Low-Rise Jeans, Skirts, Jackets

The noughties were the era of baggy jeans wrapped around your thighs with your boxers visible at the top, a graphic tee, a skateboard, a beanie, and a general attitude of aloofness. What’s most impressive about this style is the mystery of how the jeans stayed up, especially when popularly worn by college and high school students dashing from class to class.

Let’s take it back to the skate park in our Paint Splatter Distressed Ankle Jeans. The paint splatter accents add to the Y2K aesthetic which was the age of rhinestones, studs, graphics, writing, and patterns on jeans. Throw these on over your boxers, put on your graphic tee, and cap it off with a flat snapback. This drip is perfect for trying out new tricks in the skate rink. Don’t forget to charge your iPod shuffle before you leave.

Shout out to J.T. for revolutionizing the fashion scene of the early 2000s. He brought the heat with a full denim ‘fit when he rocked denim jeans, a shirt, blazer and matching denim hat to the scene. Double down on your denim and rock your new paint splatter jeans with our Distressed Denim Jacket for lead-singer-of-the-band vibes. We vote go bold and throw on a dark denim t-shirt underneath.

Cargo Pants

We can thank the British for the invention of cargo pants. Traditionally worn by British soldiers almost a century ago, these pants became a popular fashion item in the late 90s and early noughties. It’s easy to see why. They’re practical, comfy, and look great with tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, and well, pretty much anything. Throw on our Twill Drawstring Cargo Pants which come in a range of neutral colors and style it with a plain black or white tee for a style you can wear while busting out your DDR moves or cruising through the mall.

Statement Print Shirts

Our favorite boy bands of the late 90s and early noughties were ICONIC for rocking a printed button-down shirt with jeans or cargo pants popularly paired with some bling. Recreate this style with our Classic Paisley Pin Dot Print Shirt worn with low-rise black jeans, a black leather jacket over the top and pulled together with a giant bling necklace or chunky chain around the neck. Grab your colored shades and fedora before you hit the streets on your Razor scooter. Whether you are crushing your besties at Mario Kart on Nintendo 64 at a gathering or heading to the mall to get your tips frosted by your local hair stylist, rock your favorite Y2K pieces for some noughties nostalgia. Shop our latest in new arrivals to grab some new pieces for your wardrobe, available in store or online at

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