Layer Up in These Men’s Longline Jackets

Your ultimate defense against the brisk weather: men’s longline jackets. They’re not only practical for the cooler temps, but they’re also a great street style to transition from day to night, work to the party, and hitting up the social engagements with the fam. Whether you’re heading to the mountains to ski or chilling in the city for your winter break, a longline jacket is the perfect complement to your seasonal activities. Check out a few of these iconic drips to heat up your winter wardrobe.

Plaid Coats

Let’s face it, plaid coats can be a bit cheugy – think an old college professor in his well-structured blazer. But of course, that’s a sweeping generalization and doesn’t take into account how dope longline plaid coats can look since they’re less preppy than the shorter jacket style. Our Plaid Duster Jacket is ready for après ski – pair it with black denim jeans and a clashing flannel underneath for a bold style that owns the room. Cap it off with a black beanie, some lace-up black boots and a plain black or charcoal scarf to tie it all together.

Longline Faux Fur Jackets

For all things snow-related, having a faux fur jacket is essential. Not only does it give off serious boss energy like you’ve been dogsledding through the Arctic or just got off the slopes after a long afternoon of snowboarding, a faux fur coat will keep you protected from the harsh winter wind. Whether you’re heading out for a late night, or you have to pry yourself out of the house in a blizzard, our Faux Fur Striped Print Coat is your loyal bestie. Style it with some black jeans, a black hoodie underneath and a beanie for a comfy winter ‘fit that makes a bold statement.

Plain Longline Coats

If you’re shopping for the kind of jacket you can style with anything – something that will transition smoothly from work to the bar – a plain longline jacket is just what you need. Our Longline Button-Front Coat in deep taupe or black is the perfect accomplice to all your winter shenanigans. For no-brainer ‘fits, when you’re dashing out the door and need to throw on a warm outer layer, this one is an excellent go-to.


Colorblocking: two or three solid colors put together to contrast and give off a bold, iconic style. AKA: a statement-making drip sure to grab the attention and admiration of anyone you walk past. Our Colorblock Longline Coat in taupe and black promises to do just that. Whether you’re heading out to a hot date or just chilling with the squad after a hard day of work, this one is great for casually impressing the crowd.

For striking winter ‘fits that promise to keep you warm and work well with all your wardrobe layers, grab a longline jacket. Shop our full collection of men’s jackets and outerwear in store or online at

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