How to Wear Plaid and Flannel Shirts for Guys

If you think the plaid shirt is all plaid out, you’re sadly mistaken. This wardrobe gem is a necessity for any guy because it’s comfortable, versatile, and can be easily dressed up or down. Whether it’s one of those days that you wake up late and are in a rush to leave the house, or one of those evenings where you’ve lined yourself up a cute Hinge date and need something classy and casual to wear, a plaid shirt comes in handy. Here are a few men’s plaid/flannel shirts we love and a few fun ways to style them.

How to Layer a Men’s Plaid/Flannel Shirt

For a classic everyday street style, rock a plaid shirt over your fav graphic tee along with a pair of jeans and boots. This outfit is great if you’re heading out during the day and plan to not be back home for a while. Throw on our Plaid Flannel Shirt or Plaid Button-Front Shirt and leave it unbuttoned. Unbutton your cuffs and roll up your sleeves just above the elbow to keep cool during the day and show off a little arm definition. Roll them down for when the temperature dips at night. This outfit is great for the in-between weather when you want some warmth but don’t want to commit to a jacket.

Flannel Shirts and Hoodies

For any guy, the simplest way to dress up your hoodie is to throw a plaid flannel shirt over it and leave it unbuttoned. Do not, we repeat, DO NOT attempt to button your flannel up unless you want to look like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey. Keep it simple and choose a plain hoodie to wear underneath that can complement the colors of your plaid flannel and tie it all together with jeans and Chelsea boots. For this style, we are vibing our Plaid Button-Front Flannel Shirt over a bright yellow hoodie.

Plaid Shirts and Slim Fit Jeans

For a semi-casual ‘fit you can wear on your date, opt for a plaid shirt with a pair of slim fit jeans. This look is smart, understated, and sexy. It’s the perfect balance between putting in effort but not looking like you spent ages getting ready. Button up our Buffalo Plaid Flannel Shirt over a pair of black slim fit jeans. Throw on a pair of black boots, spritz some cologne, and you’re good to go.

When it comes to styling your plaid, one thing you will want to avoid is clashing patterns. Don’t pair it with a checkered or floral t-shirt or any other busy patterns. Remember: less is more, so your safest bet is to choose a plain tee or hoodie or layer it with a denim jacket or warm overcoat.

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