How to Wear Lingerie

Lingerie shopping can be intimidating ⁠— We get it! The task of buying undergarments that help you feel sexy, comfortable, and confident can be a major challenge, which is why we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about purchasing lingerie that’ll make you feel your very best!

How to Wear Lingerie?

If you’re wondering ‘How do you wear lingerie?’, welcome to the club! Buying intimates isn’t as easy as picking out the first bra and panties you see and calling it good. Finding the right underwear sets and bodysuits takes time and some insider knowledge. 

Here are some tips for picking out lingerie:

  1. WADE IN: The key to familiarizing yourself with lingerie shopping is to buy simple pieces first. Don’t dive right into garters and corsets or you’re going to feel overwhelmed! Once you know which lingerie is best suited for your body type (more on that later), you can build a foundational wardrobe of undergarments that you can wear every day.
  2.  CONSIDER COLOR: Start by buying bra and underwear sets that work well under most clothing. Be sure to get at least one set that matches your skin tone for the days you want to rock a classic white tee. But for the times you’re feeling playful or sexy, you’ll definitely want a few fun sets that match your personality.
  3. BE DETAIL ORIENTED: The difference between a lackluster lingerie set and a set you’ll love is in the details. If you spot a bra with straps you’ll want to show off or undies in the perfect cut, snatch them up! Getting dressed every day will be way more inspiring when you’re putting on undergarments that make you happy.

What to Wear With Lingerie?

If you thought that lingerie was only supposed to be worn under clothing or in private, think again. Modern lingerie can moonlight as everyday clothing for those who know how to style it. 

Use these styling tips as inspiration the next time you’re shopping for lingerie:

  1. SUIT UP: For your next night out, try pairing your favorite bralette with an open blazer and high-waisted pants. Opt for a monochromatic color scheme and let the pieces speak for themselves.
  2. GO SHEER: Spotlight your favorite undie set or bodysuit by layering it under a sheer top or dress. This look is stylish and sexy because it offers a peek at what you wear underneath your clothing without bearing any skin.
  3. PEEK-A-BOO: One of our favorite ways to flaunt a beautiful bralette is by wearing a low-cut top that gives a peek at what we’re wearing underneath. Who doesn’t love a little flash of lace every now and then?
  4. LAYER UP: If you’re in the mood to show off your skivvies without revealing your skin, stock up on items that can be worn over your clothing! Take a simple dress or jumpsuit from average to amazing by layering a corset over top. 

Lingerie for All Body Types

When shopping for lingerie, always look for items that make you feel like a goddess. If you’re struggling to find underwear that gives you all the feels, try shopping based on your body type! 

Here are some guidelines on shopping for underwear based on your shape:

  • Lingerie for an Hourglass Body Type: If you have a narrow waist and shoulders that are the same width as your hips, you can emphasize your figure with lingerie that highlights your waist. Shop for teddies, corsets, garter belts, and v-cut undies.
  • Lingerie for an Athletic Body Type: If you have shoulders and hips that are the same width and a waist that doesn’t taper in, you’re sure to love corsets, bustiers, and camisoles that define your waist and create shape.
  • Lingerie for a Triangle Body Type: If you have narrower shoulders and curvy hips, teddies, matching set, and v-cut undies will show off your amazing figure! If you’re looking to create balance, draw attention to your upper body with a push-up bra or bustier.
  • Lingerie for an Inverted Triangle Body Type: If you have shoulders that are wider than your hips, a bodysuit is your best friend. Layer a sheer kimono over top and you’ll balance your shape and elongate your body.
  • Lingerie for a Curvy Body Type: If you have a full bust and hips, you’re sure to rock lingerie that emphasizes your shape. Create a smooth silhouette with shapewear or show off what you got with a matching set.

Above all, lingerie should make you feel sexy, empowered, and proud of your body! Don’t waste another moment being intimidated by the intimates section. Use these tips to find undergarments that fit your personal style and body type and you’re sure to go from fearful to fabulous!

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