How to Style a Puffer Jacket

When it comes to cooler temps, a puffer jacket is your bestie. With a quilted signature design, these jackets are designed to trap the heat. If you’ve ever stood outside on a raised train platform in peak winter, you know how that crisp winter wind can rip through your soul and make you feel like you’re wearing nothing. Fortunately, a puffer jacket can give you that necessary protection. So, fam, here’s how to style your puffer jacket without resembling the Hulk.

Choose Your Player: Long or Short Puffer Jackets

You’ve got options. Select from a hip-length fit or, for full-blown winter protection, you may want something floor-length. We will argue that a hip-length puffer jacket is easier to style because it looks less like a sleeping bag, but it won’t give you that added warmth of a floor-length which has full body coverage. We are vibing our Hooded Zip Up Puffer Jacket with a sheeny finish to bring a little light to your winter gloom. This one is super versatile, making it a great choice for an everyday winter jacket. Grab it in black, or go bold and rock the red or yellow option.

Layer Your Puffer Jacket

This is key: don’t rock a puffer jacket that has a hood with your finest suit or formal wear. It’s just a hard no. The hood makes the jacket look more casual and clashes with your sophisticated ensemble underneath. Throw our Nylon Zip-Up Puffer Jacket over your suit for commutes to and from the office or downtown to your fave new bar for after-work drinks. Shop the look in a range of colors including black, red, yellow, taupe, and navy.

When it comes to winter jackets, we like to in-vest: rock our Nylon Hooded Puffer Vest over a plain or striped sweatshirt with a pair of denim jeans for a casual street style. This one can be a bit challenging in the winter as it offers less protection than a sleeved jacket, so we advise throwing on some thermals under your sweatshirt for extra warmth.

Accessorize It

Thick scarves, beanies, matching gloves – keep warm and stylish with all the things. Since most (not all) puffer jackets are monochromatic, this gives you the chance to bring some dimensions into your ‘fit. Choose a fun striped or patterned scarf to throw over your jacket. Zip up your jacket and tuck the scarf in at the top to keep your neck warm and seal off any access point that winter wind has to your soul.

The Colorblock Puffer

Winter street fashion called. We answered. Trending right now are colorblock puffer jackets. They’re great for bringing a pop of color to a monochromatic winter ‘fit. We recommend styling them over a plain tee or sweatshirt with denim jeans for casual streetwear or black suit pants for a more formal vibe. Check out our black and white Colorblock Puffer Jacket which looks great with black jeans and a plain white tee.

Stay warm, protected, and well-dressed this season with our selection of dope puffer jackets. Shop our jackets and coats in store or online at

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