How to Pick a Flattering Sweater Dress

We’ve been there before. You walk past a store window and have your mind set on the sweater dress on the mannequin. But when you go to try it on, you find that what you thought was love at first sight, is actually a disheartening mismatch that doesn’t fit the same as it did on the display! Fortunately, we have a few tips to avoid this all-too-familiar letdown.

Assess the Occasion

First things first, to pick the most flattering sweater dress means matching your personal style to the occasion at hand. Whether you are looking for a casual ‘fit or for a more elevated frock, either way, there’s a sweater dress that fits the bill!

The sweater dress rivals the classic T-shirt dress in terms of comfort and versatility. However, for colder weather, the thicker material of a sweater dress gives it a leg-up. A sweater dress made from French terry is perfect for lounging around the house in, but versatile enough that you can pair it with a pair of boots and a knit cardigan for a night out.

Looking for something to wear to that upscale rooftop party?  Not to worry. The sweater dress has also become a formal favorite. It creates body-hugging lines and sleek style – perfect for a cocktail or office party. Easily elevate your look by choosing a turtleneck sweater dress or one with statement sleeves.

Flatter Your Body Type

Next, know what to look for in a garment that will work best with what you’ve got. Every woman wants a dress that complements her figure. Sweater dresses have a stretch construction that makes them easy to wear for a variety of body types. Not only are they comfortable but they have plenty of give and allow for uninhibited mobility. If a formfitting number isn’t really your style, opt for a lounge-ready ensemble that just grazes over the figure. Think: oversized sweaters but with less work. Just slip it on and you’re done! No need to even think about bottoms. Plus, a loose-fit hoodie dress is just the thing to achieve that celebrity-inspired look you’ve been yearning for!

Chunky knits and long sleeves add dimension to a thinner figure, while curve-accenting stripes draw attention to a shapely hourglass body type. Effortlessly show off an athletic build and defined arms with a sleeveless cut or with sleeves that cut just above the biceps. For our plus size fashionistas, try a plus size sweater dress with distressed trimming for an edgy look, or a casual hoodie dress for a more relaxed feel. Whether you’re petite, curvy, or somewhere in between, your most flattering sweater dress is just one click away.

Consider Color, Prints, & Patterns

Finding the perfect sweater dress also means considering pattern and color. With textured patterns knit into the fabric, the result is a figure-hugging look that moves with the body. If you want to take it up a notch, add a print on top of that! This bold ensemble is sure to make you stand out. Stripes get a bad rap but they are not to shy away from. It’s just a matter of finding the right stripes to suit your body type. For instance, you can elongate a shorter frame with vertical stripes or create curves for a rectangular figure with varying horizontal stripes. If bold prints take it one step too far, up the ante with color choice. Brights are sure to make a statement while jewel tones sophisticate any ensemble. The bottom line is: do not be afraid of playing with your options!

Finding your most flattering sweater dress is really just that easy. All that is left to do is to top with one of our women’s sweaters and some cute booties! Hello, unbeatable comfort, convenient warmth, and stellar style!

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