How to Avoid Pesky Sweater Pilling!

Picture this – it’s getting chilly out and you’re ready to put on your favorite turtleneck sweater. You pull it out of the closet and dun-dun-dun! Your sweater is a lint-pilled mess! We’ve all seen it after a few washes and wear, that little pink knit cardigan will look so fuzzy and worn to the point of being mistaken for vintage. As dramatic as it may sound, owning and caring for knitwear is similar to maintaining a relationship. You’ve got to treat your knits with a bit of TLC- Total Lint Care.

So why does it happen? It’s important to understand that normally, just about any fabric is more than likely to pill. Pilling aka those annoying, little fuzz balls occurs when the fabric’s fibers rub up against themselves and then washed, resulting in lint fuzz. Thankfully, Forever 21’s women’s sweaters aren’t hard to care for. Pilling is totes preventable and easy to fix. We’re happy to share our fabulous tips and suggestions to keep your knits pill-free!

Invest in a Fabric Shaver

Nothing says sweater weather like a cute knit dress to keep you warm. A sweater dress would make a fantastic (and easy!) outfit, and if you need a plus size sweater dress-we’ve totally got you. Pro tip, if you’d like to keep your sweater dress looking fab and pill-free, try out fabric shavers. As great additions to your wardrobe toolbox, fabric shavers will help keep pilling at bay. They’re absolutely easy to use and will get rid of those fuzz balls.

Try Hand Washing

We hear you, girl! You want to wear one of your favorite oversized sweaters to the concert with over-the-knee boots to slay. But uh-oh! Reality checks in and you have to do laundry first. Don’t you worry! When you’re pressed for time, a low-cost option and one of the best ways to avoid fabric pilling is hand washing your sweaters in cold water. Hand washing ensures less fabric agitation, keeps the fabric in good condition, and helps to minimize pilling. And don’t forget to wash your sweater inside-out!  So go on, give your fave sweater that five-star treatment.

Consider Hanging or Flat Drying

Even if you’re tempted to toss everything in the dryer after handwashing, a better idea would be to avoid the machine and go with Mother Nature instead! Opting to hang or flat dry is definitely a safe option for your knits. You’ll thank us later! The goal is to minimize fabric agitation and in doing so, you will keep that beloved knitted sweater your grandma gave you virtually pill-free. If you’re concerned with a little wrinkle here and there, a simple iron or steam-through would help bring it back to perfection. Ahem, you’re welcome!

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