How to Apply Cluster Lashes

Let’s be real. Putting on false eyelashes is somewhat of an art form. When using the lash sets with glue, there’s always one lash that seems to not want to cooperate, poking up at odd angles or hanging off the edge of your eye like it’s about to take flight.

If you’ve attempted the lash strips, you know what I’m talking about. It’s a borderline surgical procedure to get them to sit right. You may have tried using your thumb and fingers, tweezers, or subjecting your bestie to helping you out. Maybe you even gave up and returned to your trusty mascara and eyelash curler combo to try to get the effect.

Cluster lashes are the perfect middle ground. They can give you the gorgeous full effect without the stress of trying to shape them perfectly around your eyelid or the drama of trying to extend every millimeter possible out of your natural lashes. Cluster lashes are also more customizable since they come in individual lashes rather than in long strips that you have to cut to fit your eye. If you’re apprehensive, here’s a guide to making you a total pro at putting them on.

Individual Cluster Lashes Step by Step

For a natural look, you will want to make sure you have cluster lashes in varying lengths. For this tutorial, we’re using our Individual Lashes – Le Petit Double pack which consists of 100% sterilized human hair in three lengths. Make sure you have a pair of sterilized tweezers handy.

  1. Start with the longest lash size. Dip the end in eyelash glue, making sure you cover the lash band.
  • Wait for the glue to dry for a few seconds so the glue is somewhat tacky in texture.
  • Place the lash cluster on the outermost corner of your eye, making sure to follow the shape of your lash line.
  • Continue to work inward to almost the center of your eye with the longer lashes.
  • Now you want to switch to the second-longest lashes. Repeat this process with one or two clusters until you are just past the center of your eyelid.
  • Finish with the shortest lashes in the corner of your eye using the same process.

After you have placed your lashes on, you will want to wait a few minutes to let the glue dry securely. You can test them by gently running a mascara wand through them. This will help position them better and add a little extra volume to your look.

The final touch is to carefully run liquid eyeliner over the lining of your eye to cover the glue. Our Liquid Eyeliner EX carefully glides across your lash line without tugging or skipping, and it’s also waterproof which is ideal for sweaty summer nights.

We can always use a few more eye color palettes for your armoire. Browse our makeup collection featuring lush color wheels for endless makeup looks. We carry all the things from lip-glosses, press-on nails, blender sponges, and more to add to your toolkit.

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