Hit the Pavement with Outdoor Roller Skates

Keep rollin’, rollin’, rollin’. The skating craze that has populated TikTok (and for good reason) is giving us some serious inspiration to learn. You might have seen girls flying down the boardwalk of your local town or peeped them cruising around the neighborhood with their besties. Roller skates are a fun way to get your exercise in while also being a great social activity.

Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned skater, we wheely suggest checking out our latest collection of roller gems curated just for you.

Outdoor Roller Skates for Your Local Streets

Vibes are heavy in our collection of outdoor roller skates. We’ve gone the extra mile to individualize our sets so you can show off your personality and skills simultaneously.

Whizz around the neighborhood in our Secret Garden Quad Roller Skates. These floral printed retro-style boots give us ultra-femme vibes. They are made from vegan leather and come with removable toe stops and hardware for indoor or outdoor skating. If you’ve got a hot date you’re planning to scoot past, these are a total magnet for getting their attention. Pair them with a cute summer dress or denim cut-offs and a crop for a fun, casual street style.

Beach Roller Skates

If you’re a Venice Beach babe, our Duchess Quad Roller Skates are just begging to be worn with your summer bikini and rocked down the boardwalk. Take them for a spin beachside at sunset, stop for a soft serve, and snag that golden hour pic – the Californian dream.  

At the Roller Disco

Going to the roller disco? Our Donna Quad Roller Skates are your perfect partner in crime. Featuring a retro-style holographic design, these boots will catch the disco lights as you rock and roll around the rink. Glide under the disco ball, twirl for the crowd and feel like a star. We love that these boots can be worn indoors or outdoors, depending on your mood.

The Necessities

Okay, so you bought the boots, now you need socks. Ankle socks are great, but we strongly suggest opting for a pair of Checkered Crew Sock Set which are a bit thicker and can protect your feet and calves. These socks feature a checkered design on them – v. appropriate for when you want to get speedy with those skates. Don’t forget your helmet and matching shin pads, and you’re good to go.

Take it off the rink and show your love for skating by rocking one of our graphic tees on the reg. The Endless Summer Graphic Tee paired with denim jeans, shorts, or activewear is versatile, chic, fun, and gives you those summer vibes you’ve been craving all year.

Roll into summer with a fun new hobby and a chic pair of boots to match. Be sure to check out our new arrivals in clothing and accessories to add some fun new pieces to your wardrobe and gather the essentials for a wheely great HGS.

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