Dresses for Girls’ Trip Weekend

When you think about going out with your girlfriends for a cocktail or a full-blown party, you’ve got to stay a step ahead of the game and make sure that even your night out dresses are a cause for celebration! There are so many approaches to take when planning your going out dresses. Choose from an array of metallic, fringe and sequin party dresses! Whichever style you choose, go out with your besties, hit the town, and enjoy yourselves!

Where the Party At?

The saying goes that in life it’s not all about the destination, it’s about the journey. Well, sometimes it really is about the destination. Where are we going? One of the most popular girls’ night out ideas is actually a girls’ getaway! Las Vegas is teeming with groups of girlfriends celebrating everything from bachelorette parties to newly found singledom! Forever 21 has Vegas dresses just waiting to be worn and seen on The Strip! What constitutes a Vegas-worthy party dress? Our answer would be anything with a popping animal print or a plunging neckline, cutting-edge cutouts or one-shoulder designs. From dining out at the chicest hot-spot restaurants, to serving up some fierce fashion at the after-hours night club, you and your girls will dictate the dress code and influence who gets to follow you behind the velvet rope. In this case, what happens in Vegas should stay worldwide!

Variety Rules

Similar to the varied personalities of your closest friends, so become the choices in party dresses you choose for ladies’ night. Short party dresses versus maxis, smooth satin versus textured frocks, sometimes choosing the winning look from a wide variety is the most difficult move to make. There are so many directions the night can go in and so many adventures to be had! Why not take some of the decision-making off the table, and step out worry-free! Match a tube dress with some rhinestone hoop earrings and wraparound stiletto heels, a smooth satin cami dress with a pair of metallic heels and chain drop earrings, or throw the dress idea out the window, altogether, and don a stylish cutout jumpsuit with some high-polish duster earrings and faux suede peep-toe sandals.

No matter which way you look at it, while girls’ night out is a carefree way to see your closest friends, relax, unwind, and even dance the night away, there’s still some effort that goes into the planning. Once you’ve finished roll call and you know your destination, all that’s left to do is coordinate the car service, estimated time of departure, and your star-quality ensemble. Your circle will surely be ushered right past any lines and straight to V.I.P., guaranteed!

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