Finding the Perfect Cute Backpack for Back to School

The summer is almost over and that means that it’s time to think of back-to-school shopping. A pivotal part of your new school outfit is going to be your backpack. 

On that first day, you don’t just want to make a good impression with a chic outfit, you also want to make sure your books and school supplies get the star treatment they deserve with one of many cute backpacks for school

Regardless of what you’re studying, we know that your trigonometry textbook is far from the ideal accessory. There are a lot of different styles, textures, and fabrics to choose from. You might be in the mood for a stylish nylon mesh or find yourself leaning towards a more classical style. 

Whatever your preferences, the abundance of different styles means you can find a way to conceal that book in a way that superbly fits your own unique style. 

Here are a few backpack trends you may enjoy sporting as you head back to class. 

Trendy Backpacks 

Just because your backpack might have to carry some textbooks doesn’t mean that it has to be plain. There are lots of backpacks that have patterns on and graphics on them that let you make a statement while also being practical. 

One of our favorite trendy backpacks right now is the transparent iridescent backpack, whose unique finish is sure to be eye-catching as you walk the halls on the first day. If metallics aren’t your thing, then perhaps a bold and classic zebra print backpack is more your style. 

Cute Mini Backpacks 

Here’s the thing about backpacks: they get a bad rep for being too heavy. Mini backpacks are a good way to mitigate that problem if you’re just going to carry the essentials. Since they’re not too large, they are also ideal for use as a purse when you are spending the weekend with your friends. 

Like other-sized backpacks, mini backpacks come in an array of styles and colors to suit your personal taste. Some that will definitely catch the eye of your new cohort include the bright pink neon mini backpack and the neon green mini mesh backpack. If you prefer something more classic then we recommend something like the faux patent leather mini backpack

Leather School Backpack 

A timeless cute backpack for school trend is the leather backpack. Leather backpacks are truly a classic trend that will never go out of style, and something like the faux leather backpack can provide a mature appearance while still staying stylish. As a bonus, you don’t have to stick to classic black! This backpack also comes in tan and pink to add a dash of color to your wardrobe. 

Cute Bags for Teens or College Girls

Going into high school or college means you might want a backpack that can display your personality. Among the cute backpacks for school are lots of cool additions from graphic prints to sequins that are sure to steal the eye of your classmates. A new school year means it’s the ideal time to take a few chances with your fashion choices. Try adding texture with sequins or selecting a bag with transparent vinyl to show off some of those cool school supplies you’ll be sporting. 

Quilted Backpacks

If you’re in the mood for something a little more classic for this school year, quilted backpacks offer a stylish silhouette that will never go out of style. 

Much like a leather backpack, It’s easily paired with your favorite t-shirt and jeans or your coat. A solid-colored backpack can complement just about any ensemble perfectly, and it ideal for more low-key styles. 

Pack It Up

Still looking for your ideal back-to-school accessory? FOREVER 21 has plenty of clothing that is perfect for your first day of class, including a selection of back to school backpacks to help you make the best first impression possible. Take a look at the back-to-school collection and get started accessorizing your stylish back-to-school look

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