Bedroom Inspo to Freshen Up Your Crib

Need some bedroom inspo to help you spruce up your nest? Instead of hitting Home Depot, building shelves, painting the walls, and going all out, save yourself the fuss and keep it simple. Add a few little embellishments to your humble abode to spice things up without committing to a full refurbishment and possibly forfeiting your deposit.

Throw Pillows

Throw in some throw pillows to add max comfort for late-night series-binging and a cute, cozy décor. We adore our Faux Fur Throw Pillow which feels like a warm cuddle and looks great with cream or pink bedding. We love it paired with our Shag Faux Fur Throw Pillow in white. Check out our selection of bedding to grab some white sheets to go with your new throw pillows.

Throw Blankets

Since the bed is the feature of every bedroom, having bedding that complements your room’s aesthetic is paramount. Grab our Faux Shearling Throw Blanket in blush or white for throwing across your white duvet or draping over your armchair for a cozy reading nook in your room. You can never have too many blankets and this one is super soft and warm for maximum snuggling. It also looks great with our throw pillows!

Hang Up a Tapestry

Cover up those white walls with a tapestry. We particularly love our Palm Tree Sunset Wall Tapestry for creating a fun Californian vibe in your room. Add to this aesthetic by setting a cactus beneath it. We vote go all out and use your tapestry to create a feature wall where you hang it above your cute little couch or armchair and add some complementary artwork or prints – stick with the Californian theme and frame some iconic landscape shots.

Add Some String Lights

Mood lighting is key. Avoid the overhead light and get yourself some cute lamps on your nightstands accompanied by some string lights – they’re a convenient, affordable way to throw some mood lighting into your room and up the levels of coziness. String them around your window or above your bed and curl up with a good book. Create a forest oasis with our Leaf Twinkle String Lights featuring hanging leaf pendants and a warm white glow.

We love our Photo Clip Twinkle String Lights for personalizing your room with cute photos of your besties. Clip some polaroids of great times with the fam into your string lights which makes an excellent conversation starter when you have guests over. Create The Vibe in your room without the hassle of a full renovation. Shop our new arrivals in our home section for all the things to make your bedroom the best room in the house.

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