Amazing Hair Care Products for Your Locks

Let’s face it, you don’t need to go through a bad breakup to feel the burning desire to switch up your hair. And, you shouldn’t have to. Fortunately, you can make sure you have no bad hair days with some of our amazing hair care products for your gorgeous locks.

Whether you’re looking for some treatments to calm the summer frizz that is creeping in with the humidity, or you’re planning to go bold and rock an entirely new you with a stunning mermaid hair color, here’s a few potions for your bathroom.

Treat Yo’Self with Hair Treatments

If you’re planning a night in for self-care to take a relaxing bath, moisturize, and paint your nails, don’t forget about a hair treatment. For dry, damaged hair, grab our Haeyo Mayo Hair Nutrition Pack. This nourishing mask seals in moisture from root-to-tip, while simultaneously defeating stubborn frizz, boosting luster, and smoothing split ends. After shampoo, apply a generous amount to your hair and massage through. You can use our Reflective Ball-Tip Hair Brush to help pull the product evenly through your hair. Don’t forget to gently lather the ends! Leave it in for three minutes (or five if your hair is very dry) and then rinse. Not heading out anywhere? Leave your hair to dry naturally to help lock the moisture in.

Get your shine on point! Our Hip Chic That Shiny Hair Grape Vinegar Rinse is an easy-to-use rinse for your hair and scalp. Gently pour the product onto your scalp and pull through your hair for one to two minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water and enjoy your gorgeous silky locks!

Mermaid Hair Color

Spice up your look without dropping a few hundred at the salon. We carry a range of Unicorn Hair products from Lime Crime. These vegan and cruelty-free hair dyes will have you feeling just like Disney’s The Little Mermaid. They work by depositing clean, vibrant color that fades gracefully over time so you can switch your hair color to suit your vibe easily enough whenever you want. Choose from a range of hues from vibrant purples to greens, silver, pinks, orange, and more.

Unlike Ariel who uses a fork to comb her hair, we have a few other tools in our arsenal to help get the job done – pull the color through your hair using our Iridescent Comb Set to get all-over, even coverage. Leave the treatment on for one to two hours or an extra 30 minutes for more vibrant results and then rinse.

Glam yourself up from root to tip with our selection of amazing hair care products to have you crushing your self-care regime. Once you have treated, washed, and possibly even dyed your mane, style it with some of our cute hair accessories including scarves, scrunchies, and clips, and you’re good to go.

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