How to Accessorize Your Neutral Color Clothing

When you think of neutral, you probably think of boring, right? Or you think about sad beiges and muted tones. After all, one of the definitions of neutral is “having no strongly marked or positive characteristics or features.” Frankly, we think this is #rude to neutrals. This year, neutrals are all the rage — maybe it’s the minimalist trend or Marie Kondo vibes. Regardless of why they’re trending, we are loving neutrals. And ours are far from boring.

FOREVER 21’s neutrals are not your momma’s neutrals. We took a leap and started thinking of neutral-ish colors beyond black, white, and beige. From off-white to terra cotta to army green, our new neutrals are some of our favorite pieces of the year. We even included patterns (gasp!) in our “neutral” palette like stripes, geo prints, and more. (Did you know tortoise shell is a neutral? Yeah, we went there.)

Basically, our neutrals have stepped up their game. And to make them even better, we have some amazing ideas on how to accessorize neutral outfits so you can make a fashionable statement wherever you go.

Statement Earrings

Jewelry is always your friend when accessorizing, but this rings especially true for earrings. Why? Well, earrings are super easy to wear and tend to stay out of your way, unlike necklaces that can get caught on things. Since we’re dreaming of a tropical vacay, why not pair your off-white linen outfit with some Tiered Floral and Pineapple Drop Earrings or our Mermaid Drop Earrings? If you’re not into the beachy vibes, go fancy with these multicolored Embellished Chandelier Earrings or our Beaded Floral and Tassel Drop Earrings.

Neon Accessories & Jewelry

Neon is back in 2019, and while you can certainly deck yourself out in a ton of hot pink and yellow, that’s a little … much. But we absolutely love pairing some neon accents with our new neutrals. It makes a statement without blinding everyone in the room.

Whether you’re wearing an olive jumpsuit or an orange-toned dress, neon accents can totally brighten up your look. Toss on some neon yellow hoops, a Vinyl Etched Buckle Belt, a pair of Premium Square Neon Sunglasses with your neutral outfit, and you’ll be serving futuristic — yet chic — lewks.

Colorful Shoes

A super easy way to amp up your neutral outfit is by tossing on your favorite pair of colorful shoes — or getting a new pair! FOREVER 21 always has shoes in every color of the rainbow, which you can perfectly pair with your neutral outfits. From bright pink tassel slide sandals to red platform heels to iridescent color-shifting pumps, we have colorful shoes that will make you stand out whether you’re wearing a brown jumpsuit or a flounce dress.

A Bright Bag

The best thing about neutrals is that they go with everything. And that includes your handbag, fanny pack, backpack, or whatever type of bag you carry. Every neutral outfit can be easily accessorized with a fun handbag. 

Try toting around our orange Crochet Wooden Handle Handbag or a yellow Sheer Mesh Tote if you’re taking your neutrals to the beach or poolside. Go for something convenient and colorful with this cute Faux Leather Belt Bag or wear a super bold green Clear Vinyl Satchel with your neutral midi dress.

Stacked Bangles & Bracelets

Stacked bracelets and bangles are a cool, boho-chic way to accessorize your neutral outfit. You can go totally eclectic by mixing and matching all sorts of styles or pick out a select color palette that compliments your outfit. If you opt for a laid back island look, try stacking several sets like our Assorted Bracelet Set, Wooden Beaded Set, Geo-Beaded Set, and Textured Bangle Set. You can also make a statement with just one bracelet too, like our blue Marbled Bangled Bracelet.

It doesn’t matter what neutrals you decide to wear, accessorizing a neutral outfit can help take your look to the next level. You don’t have to go over-the-top bold in order to turn heads. Just a few simple and fun accessories will make your neutral outfit pop.

And, sure, these accessory tips can apply to all types of outfits — not just neutrals. It’s your look so you get to decide what goes with what. Live your fashionable truth, boo.

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