70s Fashions Trends & Outfit Essentials

The ’70s are back, and there’s no need to raid your mom’s closet! A glorious time of experimentation, innovation and “far out” style, the ’70s brought a formidable change in fashion with a vast influence that is still quite present.

This influential decade gave way to an iconic era that is re-emerging in fashion today. Get ready to rock those bell-bottom jeans and revisit the era of the discotheque.

Keep scrolling to preview some smoking hot looks with a fresh new take on classic ’70s style.

70s Pool Party  

This summer, ’70s-style swimsuits and flowy kimonos are the hottest poolside essentials you’ll want to wear. They’re all the rage from LA to New York. Channel your inner Farrah Fawcett and have your iconic swimsuit poster moment with:

  • A très chic and stylish swimsuit
  • A beautiful flowy chiffon kimono for an out-of-water cover-up 
  • Complement your look with boho-style hoop earrings
  • Add a pair of cute platform sandals 
  • And don’t forget your sunscreen!

Fashion tip – always keep a pair of shorts on hand when you decide to leave the pool. It’s best to come prepared while looking good. Make a sophisticated statement by adding some accessories to your arms like chunky bracelets made out of wood or a cuff bracelet.

70s Beach Fashion

’70s inspired looks are both coquettish and show-stoppers. To unleash your inner beach babe look you’ll need:

  • A cute ’70s inspired beach bikini top.
  • A pair of smoking hot shorts à la Daisy Duke.
  • Complement your look with big hoop earrings and chunky platform shoes.
  • Some faux suede booties when you’re off the sand would not go amiss either.

Inspired by 70s Fashion Accessories

Do you have a romantic summer picnic for two in mind? Then a summer dress is not enough to slay. Kimonos are everything right now, and they come in a myriad of styles, prints, and cuts. Look super hot and chic in: 

  • A tank top or a sleeveless top with a cool vintage look.
  • A très cool kimono.
  • Some hot summer shorts (aka “hotpants”).

This look is totally California chic! Accessorize the right way by adding some flare with a faux leather crossbody purse and a pair of platform clogs or faux suede booties.

How to Wear a Jumpsuit

Get your groove on at the disco in a seductive and alluring jumpsuit. A pair of espadrille sandals or strappy heels are perfect for this outfit; it works well with the wide leg of the jumpsuit. Some stylishaviator sunglasses would give this look a chic edge.

Elegant duster earrings are a show-stopper, reflecting the dance floor lights hypnotically. Nothing says disco dancing diva like this sexy and scintillating outfit. Party the night away in style dancing to “Stayin’ Alive,” and relive the ’70s through fashion. It’s fabulous and then some! 

70s Nostalgia is Always in Fashion 

The iconic trends of the ’70s are a great source of groovy fashion and fun to incorporate into your wardrobe for Summer 2019. If you love fashion and iconic eras from the past, then you won’t want to miss out on ’70s style! Be playful and daring with your looks, and never shy away from expressing yourself. 

Fashion brings out the passionate and creative spirit in fashionistas like you and empowers them to live out their dreams à la mode. FOREVER 21 is here to help you amp your style, with the latest summer essentials and classic looks! 

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