4 Products for Embracing Self-Care Season

When you’re leaving a long day at work, the sun has already set, and you’re heading to the comfort of your own, there’s nothing more alluring than the promise of unwinding. Light the candles, throw on some chill beats, and draw that bath – rekindle the magic with your twin flame – yourself. Here’s a few bath products to help you pamper yourself this self-care season.

Bath Towels

First things first: get yourself some plush bath towels to wrap yourself in when you leave the tub. Check out our Organically Grown Cotton Towel which comes in a range of cool shades including white, blush, mint, and grey. We also have towel sets which include matching bath towels and hand towels.

Don’t forget a bathmat to pair with your towels. We are vibing this You Got This Bath Mat to give you that kind reminder that you’re doing great, sweetie!

Beauty Masks

Shut out the world with targeted treatment masks that detoxify, nourish, and hydrate your skin. Check out our Lapcos Rejuvenating Mask Set which features a collection of serum sheet masks designed to combat signs of aging, dryness, dullness, stressed-out skin, and enlarged pores.

Looking for a set? Our Egg-ssential Skincare Mini Set features a face foam, face mask, body butter, and cream for the whole kit and caboodle of selfcare. Apply the foam first to wash away the day and then use the face mask while you relax in your warm bubble bath. Lastly, use the cream, and body butter to rehydrate your skin before slipping into your comfy pjs. It’s a mood.

Hair Masks

Give your hair the attention and treatment it deserves. There’s no better time to do a hair mask than when you’re in the tub – apply a generous portion of our Organic Coconut Melt to your dry, unwashed hair. Pin it up with a hair clip and relax for 40 minutes allowing it to soak in. Then, wash your hair twice with shampoo and once with conditioner before leaving the bath. Your hair will thank you for the deep nourishment.

Body Lotion

After that post-bath relaxation where you’ve finally, begrudgingly, pulled yourself out of the tub and wrapped yourself in one of our lush organic cotton towels, you’ll need to rehydrate your skin from the hot tub that has dried it out. Lather yourself from head to toe in our Lait-Crème Fluid Moisturizer. This is a multi-functional hydrator that works as a make-up remover, a post-shave treatment, and soothing after-sun care lotion.

The Gift Shop

Shopping some self-care for your bestie? We’ve got you covered. Explore our Gift Shop for some goodies such as skincare sets, makeup brush kits, masks, moisturizers, and more to treat her.

When it comes to taking care of number one, we’re here for it. Rejuvenate yourself after a long day with our bath and body products and beauty products available in store or online at FOREVER21.com.

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