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Fashion / What We’re Watching: The Carrie Diaries + Girls

It looks like our itineraries are booked solid for the next two days! With the Girls second season premiering today and The Carrie Diaries premiering tomorrow, it’s a safe bet you can find us holed up in our apartment, cuddling on the couch – and we’re pretty darn excited about it!!!

If you own every SATC DVD (ahem…like we do!) and know pretty much every line in every episode, then you too have been anxiously awaiting The Carrie Diaries for quite some time now. And with the producers of our beloved Gossip Girl on board, we can only imagine the amount of drooling that will occur over the fab 80s designer attire that will sashay across our TV screens. We’re excited to see if the young Carrie, played by AnnaSophia Robb, is able to fill the Choos of the Ms. Bradshaw we know and love (extra points if she can make a dirndl look amaze a second time!). Will The Carrie Diaries live up to its legendary predecessor? One can only hope…

Girls, girls, girls…what is there to even say? Unlike any other coming-of-age series of its time, creator/writer/director/producer Lena Dunham seems to have the magic touch when it comes to making painfully awkward moments into TV-moment masterpieces – which is why we haven’t been able to peel our eyes away from the TV screen ever since it first aired. Will Jessa’s marriage last? Will Adam keep pursuing Hannah? Will Shoshanna finally let loose? It looks like we’re gonna have to wait to find out…

Which show are you clearing your schedule for? Share with us in the comments below!!