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Fashion / What We Packed: Our Miami Style Itinerary

Don’t mind us…we’re just soaking up some rays in beautiful Miami! A destination this hot deserves a culling of items equally as fuego, so take a peek at what we packed for our caliente trip to the most versicolored city by the sea. With bright bursts of neons, muted pastels and a bit of metallic shimmer, we’re ready to hit the beach and show these peeps what F21 girls are all about!

1. We could never leave home without a pair of oversized shades and a bit of bling! The bigger and brighter, the better!

2. Who says you can’t wear denim vests and straw hats in January? 3. These neon pumps weren’t made for walking. They were made for strutting.

4. A gal can never have too much shimmer. Seriously. 5. We’re ready to give Miami a little lip service! Besos!