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Fashion / We Love the 90s: 3 Phillip Lim-Inspired Looks

They’re baaaack! The 90s, that is. And while a plethora of designers at SS13 Fashion Week channeled nostalgic looks of our fav grunge era, it was 3.1 Phillip Lim’s collection that forced us (it was out of our control) to dig through our closets in search of weathered old plaid shirts and floral pants. Like, stat. Bringing back the floral prints, zany graphic tees and the jacket-around-the-waist looks of our Soundgarden-obsessed days, we decided to cull some outfits for your viewing pleasure.

Take a peek at 3 gorge-to-be-grunge looks laced with a heavy dose of 90s-girl DNA. Which one are you?

The girl who watches Jay and Silent Bob movies on repeat and swears that Kurt Cobain wrote the soundtrack to her life, wouldn’t dare step out of her older brother’s basement without an edgy moto jacket, ankle boots and tons of plaid. She is just soooo grunge.

If you know every line in the movie Clueless (and we know you do), sing Fiona Apple in the shower and have played Dream Phone with your girlfriends at least once in your lifetime, then a lil flower power might be just what the doctor ordered. Pair a fun graphic tee with a bright blazer and floral pants for a look that’s straight out of 90210. Now if only we could figure out where Dylan hangs out…

This girl has had a major crush on Jeff Buckley, like, forever (and by crush we actually mean obsession), idolizes Kate Moss and would rather be socializing at an art gallery opening than at a lame house party. In chic trousers, a cool knit sweater and some sleek booties, this chick is just wayyyy too-cool-for-school… in a good way, of course.