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Beauty / Watch: Forever 21 Beauty: Edgy Makeup and Punky Faux Pixie Tutorial

Punks unite! For the second video in our Summer Beauty Edit, we transformed our gorgeous model from girl-next-door to the raddest chick in the room, all with a swipe of neon liner and the ultimate faux pixie-do. Feeling rebellious, yet? 

Follow along with the GIFs below and keep on scrolling for the full edit! 

Step 1: Neutralize lid with primer.



Step 2: Apply liner along upper lash line and wing corner.



Step 3: Apply mascara to upper and lower lashes.



Step 4: Define with light bronzer.



Step 5: Apply coral lipstick with lip brush. 



How do you perfect the pretty in punk look? Shop Forever 21 Beauty here and share your beauty tips with us using #Forever21Beauty #SummerBeautyEdit on Instagram!