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Fashion / WALKING IN LA: Lindsey Troy + Julie Edwards of DEAP VALLY

We’ve been hitting up our fave LA ’hoods in search of the best street style looks from the coolest Angelenos around town, and today we’re making a pit stop in Echo Park to hang with Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards of the band Deap Vally! You may have rocked to their tunes at a festival or two this year, but we’re diving in head first to get the deets on style icons, musical influences and crochet class beginnings straight from the sources themselves!

Walking in LA- Deap Vally-1

Which LA ’hood do you rep?


Julie: I grew up in the Valley (the San Fernando Valley) as in Valley Girl and Encino Man…. The Valley is the New Jersey of LA!

Lindsey: I grew up in San Diego and moved to LA seven years ago. Julie and I met in Atwater Village in the Eastside in a knitting store called The Little Knittery.  It was a crochet class that Julie was teaching so we spent hours on our crochet hooks, talking about our musical histories and hit it off!  I kept going into her store and one day she asked if I wanted to start a band. The rest is history.


Musical influences?

Lindsey: Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Tina Turner. There’s something really innocent and yet really heavy and organic about early classic rock. Music existed because people got together and jammed, and it grew organically. It’s spontaneous and communal.

Walking in LA- Deap Vally-2

Fave song of all time?

Lindsey: The song that changed by life was “Space Oddity” by David Bowie. It was the first rock song I ever heard and I was really young but I had a psychedelic experience just listening to that song.

Julie:  I would say the record “Live Through This” by Hole was really impactful for me. I just really responded to the raw ferocity.


If Deap Vally could make a musical appearance in any TV show or movie, which would it be?

Julie: GIRLS or Raging Bull!!!

Lindsey: Maybe the Woodstock Documentary… I used to watch that a lot as a kid. I’d put one of my mom’s hippie dresses on and dance around!


Describe Deap Vally’s sound!

Lindsey:  Raw, honest, heavy, unapologetic and groovy.

Walking in LA- Deap Vally-3

Style icons?

Lindsey: I think I would want Prince’s wardrobe because he’s little, you know? I could probably fit into his stuff! And Michael Jackson. He’s the king of jackets.

Julie: Tina Turner is so curvy and fierce. We take inspiration from her stage outfits.


What’s soooooo LA?

Lindsey: Mexican food is soooo LA. It’s something that we really miss a lot when we travel overseas.

Julie: There’s a healthy ratio of creeps to women!

Lindsey: Both charming and scary at the same time.


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