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Fashion / Undeclared GIFs: 5 Things That Epitomize High School

As another chapter to The B-Sides: Making Of “Undeclared #DeclareYourStyle” on the Forever 21 YouTube channel, we’ve rounded up 5 exclusive, behind-the-scenes snippets (in GIF form to keep things fresh!) that showcase the 5 inevitable moments that have happened to all of us at one point or another during our school days. Tell us your fave in the comments below!


That time when you were showing off the moves you practiced endlessly in front of your mirror…and your crew stole your spotlight. Rude.



The goofball who literally would not leave you alone in the hallways every time you passed him.



When you would make eye contact with your bestie mid-lecture.



Screaming every 2 seconds in the caf: New profile pic!!!!



How you really felt about most of the boys at school. As if.



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