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Blogger-slash-photographer, and all-around gorgeous gal, Bliss Katherine, hit the road again and headed straight to Key West, Florida to snap shots of a few of her fave places to visit this summer! Sneak a peek of her stunning images of local sights, delish treats and historic places that capture the essence of this beautiful state!



I found myself in the deep Florida Keys for 7 days. With the sight of bright teal water, surrounding greenery and the occasional iguana sightings it was effortless to free my mind. Some days would be spent underwater, snorkeling above colorful corals, circled by striped reef fish. Other days would be lounging or taking walks in my favorite floral kimono and bathing suit with my fiance. Every day I ate deliciously on the fish we caught each morning in the deep.

We visited the famous Key West. I knew when we arrived because of the beautiful beach homes, endless restaurants and bright colors. Walking around new places I’ve traveled to is easily my favorite thing. I adored every minute in my new favorite vacation piece, my black rose print maxi dress. Many people wandered along side me, headed in the same direction to watch southern most sunset. As the sky began to turn lavender I wanted to be by the water. Hundreds of lovers, children and picture-takers aligned the water wall, watching as the sun met the sea. The sky turned orange and pink as it faded darker. It was a beautiful sight that I longed to see for a while.

Each evening my loved ones and I would gather together on the porch and spend time talking accompanied with the sound of night birds and crickets in the distance. From dawn to dusk, I felt renewed, relaxed, and a whole lot tanner. The Keys is just what I needed.


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