And Now You Know

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Zinzi Edmunson, one half of the boy-girl duo Kisses, is a longtime girl crush of ours. We’d fess up and tell you how long we’ve followed her style and totes amaze music made with band mate Jesse, but then you’d think we suffered from stalkerish tendencies, and that would be bad. So how about we get to the good stuff? Like why her step-dad is a trendsetter and why Jolly Ranchers are public enemy number one.

Blast from the past! Why did you love this outfit?

There are a bunch of significant items of the time pictured: the red hat never came off (gross), along with the Black Dog sweatshirt and red Chucks. I’m really in love with this (above left) photo. It actually sits on the bookshelf across from my desk, so I look at it everyday. I’m in the middle with my mom and stepdad to the left and my aunt and two cousins to the right. We’re mid-walk along the coast near my summerhouse in southern Maine.

Where is the Black Dog sweatshirt these days? The sweatshirt is a sad story. I went to Italy with my dad in the same year and wore that sweatshirt on the plane. The flight attendant gave me a Jolly Rancher, or something like that, to help with my ears (and maybe because I was cute?). Anyway, I fell asleep before it dissolved and left a huge hot pink drool stain on the sweatshirt forever. RIP, sweatshirt.

What trends were big when this photo was taken? I like this photo because it’s clear that the trend I was most obsessed with at the time was dressing exactly like my stepdad. Just look: item for item, we have the same look.

Describe your style.

I pretty much still dress like this.

What trends do you love now? No, seriously. In all seriousness, I still do like things that are comfortable and timeless. And to hike my socks up really high.

Set the scene for the ideal jam session:

Jesse recently set up all our gear in our living room (less crowded and crazy than it sounds), so I think that’s a good scene for hanging out and playing music. Ideal guests would probably be our friends (many/most of whom are in bands), since it’s our living room and strangers aren’t allowed since they disrupt the dog.

If you could write a song to your wardrobe, your closet or a favorite piece of clothing, what would you title it?

“Drool Stain”- a grunge revival tune.

Describe the band’s sound.

The new album will be a little more New Wave- and Freestyle-inspired, but we’re better known for the tropical disco songs from our first LP, The Heart of the Nightlife.

What’s coming up for Kisses in 2012? We’re recording our second album at the moment and learning to DJ, which we’re getting pretty good at!