And Now You Know

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The Forever 21 for Hello Kitty collection made this video happen last year which got a lot of ears buzzing across the interwebs over the track “Classic Girl”. Our readers were flooding the comment roll of our social media channels asking about the voice behind the song. Well, we found her! Deidre is fast becoming one of our favorite people, and she kind of reminds us of a brunette Michelle Williams! Do you see the resemblance? Anyway, she invited us in to talk a little shop about her signature style – then and now!


Rewind: What piece would you wear constantly in high school? I always loved wearing chokers.  Either a small string-like necklace or a simple ribbon tied around my neck.  My friends and I had ribbons in all different colors, and I just loved the way it looked.  Side note: My husband David (from the band French Horn Rebellion) still remembers that I was wearing a ribbon around my neck one of the first times we met when I was a college freshman.


What trends were you obsessed with back then? In 2003, I was obsessed with all kinds of trends.  I’m not just saying this because you ARE Forever21, but that was around the time that the first Forever21 opened up in the mall near my house.  It made it really affordable for high school kids to experiment with all kinds of styles.  And that’s pretty much what I did…


Tell us about your style now. To really simplify it, I’d say my style is a blend of 60s French (a la Brigitte Bardot & Anna Karina) and 90s grunge (what I grew up with).

What trends are you into at the moment? Nail art, high-waisted pants, and chunky heels.


Set the scene for the ideal jam session and who would get an invite? It would be in a row boat, in a swamp outside of New Orleans, with Jack White on electric guitar.


If you could write a song to your wardrobe, your closet or a favorite piece of clothing – what would you title it? To my make-shift closet (because my apartment doesn’t have any closets), “I Need More Of You.”

What’s coming up for Deidre and the Dark? I’m just about to put out a limited edition 7” vinyl single of “Classic Girl” on a small label in California called Avec Vinyl.  I’m also currently touring with my other band Savoir Adore.

What was the first concert you’ve ever been to? I’m actually not sure! It might have been the Backstreet Boys or No Doubt.