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FACT: We’re total anglophiles.  We love Wills & Kate, Harry Potter, Rom-Coms loosely based on Shakespeare (and proud of it!) and the Spice Girls. But please don’t get us wrong. We know there’s so much more to love about our neighbors across the pond and that we’ve barely scratched the surface, but this not-so-sudden love for the Brits is bursting to get out because of a band we’ve been following for quite some time: Viva City. Their single “Flood” was featured in the Alex & Chloe fashion vid we debuted last December, and Bruce (who plays bass and keys) took time out of his busy touring schedule with the boys to chat us up about style, the Old West and the perfect jam sesh!

What piece of clothing were you obsessed with back then?

It is a vintage cowboy shirt I bought at a vintage fair in Liverpool. Long before my first trip to the States, I was also interested in Old West apparel, and anything related to cowboy films and motorbike gangs. I think it’s that schoolboy dream of becoming your idol, such as Clint Eastwood or Marlon Brando.

What kind of trends were you into?

Vintage Mod Sweater (1960s)

I was obsessed with the MOD subculture after seeing the movie Quadrephenia, and listening to The Who as a child. In 1997, I was into bands such as The Verve, Ocean Colour Scene and Oasis, and I found this sweater in the attic. My dad had worn it during the mod revival in the 1970s, so I was buzzing to have an authentic piece of history to wear. I still have this sweater now, and wear it from time to time.

Describe your style.

My style today brings all my influences of cowboy, motorbike gang and mod together. My typical stage outfit consists of black leather jacket, black skinny jeans, and my beloved Wrangler boots. I regularly wear a shirt with a leather skinny tie too as I find it smart and cool at the same time.

How would you describe the VC’s sound?

Viva City is heavy electro with big bass and beats. It’s all about maximum sub-bass and vintage synths. The live show is a rave atmosphere, irrelevant of the time of day.

Set the scene for the ideal jam session!

Ha, that would be awesome. So, we’d have Amy Winehouse on vocals, Dave Grohl on drums, me on bass (of course) and Paul Weller on guitar. I would like Lou Reed and David Bowie to be there too to add some coolness.

If you could write a song to your wardrobe, your closet or a favorite piece of clothing, what would you title it?

I would title it “The Wrangler” after my boots. It would be a dark song about old memories and list the countries and places those shoes have stepped across.

What’s coming up for Viva City?

We have a new EP out in March. I’ve set up my own recording label, Doomfox Records, which I intend to release all our new material on. The first release is Dive In, our new single that came out on January 30, 2012.