And Now You Know

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Rory’s back! We’re so excited!

After a stunning spring 2011 debut, Rory Beca, is home for the holidays and back with an all-new capsule collection set to hit Forever 21 stores October 21st.  And because we can’t get enough of her, she met us for a gab sesh to talk shop about pumpkin pie, Studio 54 and Tony Danza. You know- girl stuff.

How does it feel to be back for a second collaboration with Forever 21?  Great. The first one was really successful. I really enjoyed working with everyone at Forever 21. I am excited to continue.

Studio 54 was the inspiration behind the Holiday Collection. What was so significant about fashion in 70s that’s translating so well today?  Those were the days of Halston. The pieces were simple silhouettes that made a big statement. I also love the glamour of that time.

If the Holiday Collection had a theme song, what would it be? Probably a Donna Summer song.

The black cut-out dress is your favorite piece from the Holiday collection. Which celebrity would you love to see donning it on a red carpet? Just someone young and interesting…like Emma Stone.

What’s your favorite color this season? Marigold.

Where do the inspiration boards go when the collections are finished? I keep them at my studio. It’s always good to look back. They might be significant down the road.

Favorite holiday? Christmas/Hanukkah. I love that time of year and the coziness of it.

Locales you love to take a holiday at?  Big Sur, Punta Mita, Mexico, Paris, Jamaica.

The dish that begs for seconds: Homemade pumpkin pie

The most amazing, fabulous, unforgettable gift you’ve ever received?  A vintage Baume Mercier watch that my husband got me in Paris.

Serious play on iTunes? Radiodread – Easy Star All-Stars

The most stylish TV show: Gossip Girl

Rory Beca’s guilty pleasure is…Howard Stern.

Secret crush: It will forever be Will Smith from his Fresh Prince days and Tony Danza from his Who’s the Boss? days.