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Fashion / THE DJ DIARIES: Chloe Nørgaard’s Snaps From the Road

As if the Skittle hair wasn’t cool enough…

 Did you know…Spring Daze model Chloe Nørgaard moonlighted as a DJ in Japan once upon a time? Yeah we didn’t either. Peep Chloe’s DJ Diaries from the road! (and check out the rest of her spread in our SS13 Magazine out NOW!)

Chloe DJ Diaries-2“This was super awesome. I had always wanted to go to Roskilde, especially since I am Danish and it takes place in Denmark so the opportunity to get to DJ it last summer was amazing!! <3 SO fun! I’ll for sure be back this summer.”

Chloe DJ Diaries-3“LEX! This is where I actually started deejaying – 3 years ago. I went to Japan to model and ended up deejaying more! Haha. DJ Yo, who is one of the residents there, taught me – which was quite interesting because he didn’t speak much English and I didn’t speak much Japanese so it was mostly sign language and pointing.” Chloe DJ Diaries-4“I had a little residency at this place on Bowery, fun to play and interesting because they only had vinyl turntables rather than cdjs so that’s where I learned to use those!”

Chloe DJ Diaries-7“Just playing around on some keyboards for the Bad Rabbits music video for the song “Doin it” from their new album American Love. SUCH a fun time & can’t wait till the video is out!!” Chloe DJ Diaries-11“This is an annual rager my friend John Stengel throws. Every year it gets better and crazier and sweatier. And what’s even better is it’s close to home and filled with so many friends from growing up.”

Chloe DJ Diaries-14Webster Hall. Oh my NYC youth. Can’t even count how many times I’ve been here since forever ago. This night in particular was an extra sweaty fabulous night. Dillon Francis was absolutely killing it and being on stage with my best friend Ashley Allen was totally perfect.”