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Summer begins this weekend, and we have our sights set on a road trip, weekend getaway or an epic vacation. But before we experience the best summer ever, we need to make sure we’re prepared with some packing essentials! Find your summer inspiration by peeping below our blogger friend, Natasha‘s packing list for her Ibiza vacation.  

What are your travel essentials? Tell us in the comments below…




Only two days now until we leave for Ibiza and I am EXCITED  (can you tell can you tell can you tell?)! It’s been sooooo long since Callum and I went away together, and we’ve both been working like crazy this year, so this break feels much deserved! It’s not strictly going to be work free of course, as we have a lot of blog shoots to do out there as well as a few posts to write up, but thankfully blog work is the fun kind, and we’re both very happy to be sharing our holiday adventures with you all!

While packing is not one of my most favourite parts of the whole travelling experience – how am I meant to know exactly which outfit I’ll want to wear each day? And pleeeassseee say my scales are wrong and I’m not 10kg over! – it definitely gets you excited about going away. Just pop some good music on and you’ll be in the holiday mood in no time! And it helps when you’ve got a few new treats to look forward to wearing. One of my favourite shops for holiday essentials is Forever 21. They have such a huge range and all their pieces are on-trend and great quality for the price. I love their beauty collection too – fun prints and brights are an instant mood perking-upper!

So that’s it for the UK for a while folks! Next week’s post will come to you straight from Spain  how exciting is that! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and maybe have your own lil holiday planned for some time soon! Let me know in the comments below. Kisses sweeties x


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