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Now that summer is just around the corner, we have our sights set on a road trip, weekend getaway or an epic vacation. But before we experience the best summer ever, we need to make sure we’re prepared with some packing essentials! Find your summer inspiration by peeping below our blogger friend, Georgia Meramo‘s packing list for her Morocco vacation.  

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I’ve been working with Forever 21 to put together a packing guide for Morocco, as I’m visiting for the first time at the end of June with James. I’ve scoured the internet for tips, as well as reading more Tripadvisor reviews than I’m proud of, to bring you a mini-guide. I know that it’s reccomended that you have your shoulders and knees covered due to religion over there, obviously you don’t have to adhere to this but it’s nice to be respectful so I’ve had that in mind when styling up my day and night looks, so meet conservative Georgia.

Day: I’ve gone for these Aladin style trousers paired with a simple khaki green t-shirt and an “ethnic” necklace for a casual look that’s still breezy enough to wander around the souks under the sun. The hat should, in theory, stop my head from burning and make me look more fashy ~ win/win!

Beach/pool: There isn’t a beach in Marrakech but we are lucky enough to have a big pool, where you can relax in terms of dresscode. I’ve gone all out with crazy, clashing prints and a cute coral bikini underneath. The patterns on this top really ring Moroccan bells to me, perhaps it’s the colours. I really like the dolphin, split hem on the shorts too.

Night: You still have to be pretty well covered of an evening, and as the weather should have cooled down a bit by now, a jumpsuit is ideal. I’ve paired it with this distressed grey crop top so that my shoulders/boobs (or lack of) aren’t exposed. I really don’t suit jumpsuits, but I do love how this one still looks glam when paired with a couple of chunky necklaces. It’d work great for a night out over here in the UK too, just minus the tee underneath!


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