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Our girl Erica from FASHIONLUSH got some fashion advice to make us standout for this swimsuit season! Peep below to see how you can turn your favorite bathing suit to a closet staple. Now, we’re just itching for a dream vacation!




Bathing suits are no longer designed just for swimming. These days, they are just a much a fashion statement as your favorite pair of shredded denim shorts/ leopard booties/ or floral frock.


Each year they get more & more exuberant with various embellishments, cutouts, patterns, etc.


For me, I love my suits to be bold colors, great cuts, & an added bit of flair. Which is why I am digging this new boho take on the fringe bikini.


The best part about this little summer fashion project- if you can sew, you can do it. If you can’t sew, I am sure your mom could help you out if you ask nicely. Plus, it looks great under a cover-up w/ just a bit of fringe peeking out.


For more fun fashion DIY projects, be sure to check out my blog!


+ Swimsuit of choice (mine found here)

+ Suede fringe trim (found at your local fabric store)

+  Thread to match the trim & needle


Step 1:

First & foremost, lay out your supplies


Step 2:

Measure & cut your suede trim.


Step 3:

Pin your trim to the edge of your bikini.


Step 4:

Using an overcast stitch, sew on your suede trim.