And Now You Know

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The Oxford Street store launch had us traipsing all over London this week. Window shopping in Soho, Notting Hill for the organic markets, and then getting caught in a mob of thousands (The Queen was hosting a garden party)…though it must be said, London in all its charming gloom and posh pomp, is an unmatched fashion mecca that’s given us some of the greatest style icons from the last 50 years. And then there was Beatrice’s hat…

Chimneys may be stuffy in the Old Smoke, but the fashion is most definitely isn’t.  British designers do have a thing for the theatrics. All the world’s a stage, right?

It’s not London without the classics. The new generation of It-Brits is reinventing the rules with timeless pieces that not only give off heirs, but still keep everyday style accessible to all loyal subjects of fashion.

The Duchess of Cambridge is a closet fan.