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Fashion / Style File: Atlanta De Cadenet Taylor

Spotted in the front row at this month’s New York Fashion Week and in the newest Forever 21 Fall 2013 campaign donning layers upon layers of our fall faves, we’re totally crushing on our new gal pal, model-slash-DJ Atlanta de Cadenet Taylor. Get a fashion refresher with her style file above and keep scrolling to learn what makes the British babe and Duran Duran daughter such a total knockout with our exclusive interview!


What was it like growing up with famous parents?

I spent a lot of time going to shows and concerts. It was pretty awesome getting to go around town with my father (Duran Duran bassist John Taylor) and I always got great clothes from my mom (photographer Amanda de Cadenet), so I’ve been raiding her closet since the day I could!


How has growing up in the music and fashion industry influenced your style?

It’s impossible to say it hasn’t. I saw everyone I knew wearing vintage clothes, and my mom has an amazing vintage collection so I would just go through and take things. We all steal each other’s clothes at this point.


How would you describe your style?

I switch a lot between dressing like a total boy where I’m really comfortable in jeans and boots and baggy t-shirts, and really lady-like dresses. I love anything with a collar buttoned all the way up, but then I usually throw my leather jacket on top. A leather jacket fixes everything.


What are some key items to achieve a layered look?

Pair tights, maybe cute socks, a leather jacket for sure and a hoodie. I always wear a hoodie underneath a jacket.


If you’re shopping at Forever 21 this fall…

Give [yourself] as much time as possible! Dedicate at least three hours, so you can make sure you get through ALL OF IT!