And Now You Know

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We sooo loved this interview sesh. We gabbed and gabbed….like sooo much!

Blog Backstory:                                               

Why is your blog named “Sooo LA”? I wanted my blog to really say something about me and what inspires me. I am a total L.A. girl. I love everything about L.A.  The people, the style, the lifestyle. I thought Sooo L.A. would be perfect.

How long have you been blogging? I have been blogging a little over two years. It has been a wonderful experience so far.

How is blogging changing the fashion industry? Blogging has provided girls like me with a platform to express ourselves and I think the fashion industry has really embraced that. Forever 21, I think, has done a great job working with bloggers. This opportunity, for example, was so much fun and really allowed us to share our passion for fashion.

Style Bio:

In your own words: Eclectic. I like having the option to be different everyday.

Who are your style icons? I love Nicole Richie’s style. Sarah Jessica Parker is also a fave!

Shop Talk:

What do you love about Forever21? I love Forever 21′s style. I love how they are always on point with trends everywhere! I also LOVE LOVE LOVE how affordable they are. They make it easy for girls everywhere to be stylish.

Do you shop for vintage, do DIYs, make fashion your own? I am absolutely in love with vintage shopping. The Rose Bowl flea market is a favorite! The DIY I am most proud of is a studded denim jacket I made a while back. The final outcome totally made up for the sore fingers! Ouch. :(

What are you shopping for this fall? This fall I am shopping for skirts. I am totally crushing on suede skirts in earthy tones. Boots! I love boots.

The F21 Shoot:

On the F21 Style Clique: The girls were all awesome and had great style. It was a super amazing experience to be able to join such a stylish group of girls for a day.

Favorite outfit? My favorite outfit was the plum sheer blouse with the floral pajama shorts! So funny how the shorts were totally an accident but they came together with the outfit so well! Another reason why I LOVE fashion…the possibilities are endless!!! 

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