And Now You Know

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We can’t stop saying her name. Elora. Eloraaaa.

Blog Backstory:

How long have you been blogging? I’ve been blogging for a little over 2 years now.

What are 3-5 blogs you read daily? Hypebeast, Who What Wear, Curbed LA, and of course I’m constantly checking Twitter.

Style Bio:

In your own words: I would say my style is all about balance between masculine and feminine.  If I’m wearing a cute skirt, I will pair it with a tough military jacket.  I never like to look too perfect and feminine…I always make sure I look a little messy. 

Who are your style icons? Taylor Tomasi Hill, Joanna Hillman and Elin Kling.

If you could save one piece from a fire, what would it be? I would probably save my vintage YSL blazer that I stole (shhhh!) from my dad’s closet.

Shop Talk:

What do you love about Forever21?  Forever21 has something for everyone!  The selection is so big that I know I can find something I will like.

Do you shop for vintage, do DIYs, or do your own thing? Vintage shopping is my favorite.  When vintage shopping, I make sure to keep an open mind.  Just because something doesn’t fit or look right in the way it was intended to be worn doesn’t mean it won’t be amazing as something else! 

What are you shopping for this fall? I have so many ideas for fall!  I’m looking for a lot of velvet, some PVC accessories, wide leg trousers, neon accents, and I’m still totally into color blocking!

The F21 Shoot:

What was the best part of the shoot? The best thing about the shoot was the encouragement and support we got from the amazing team at Forever21.  Styling my own outfits was so fun and I loved that I was given the opportunity to do that.  Modeling is a pretty fun job too.

Favorite outfit you wore that day? My favorite outfit of the day would have to be either the outfit with the batwing chiffon top, denim pants, and floral shoes, or the outfit with the chiffon button up shirt, polka dot shorts, lace bustier and neon ankle socks. But honestly, I loved every single outfit I wore. 

Check out Elora at Eloraaaaa blog!