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Kelly Kapowski is Chanelle’s style icon. This is why we love Chanelle.

Blog Backstory:

How did you think of the name?  It’s kind of a long story but, my current blog was originally for my online vintage clothing store, Penelope’s Vintage. I was particularly into it at that point, which is where The Penelope Times came in. A year ago my blog did a 180 and became a personal style blog. I kept the name and declared it my alter ego.

How long have you been blogging? Around 5 years now….I’ve had a few different blogs throughout the years.

Style Bio:

In your own words: What.Ever.I.Feel.That.Day.

Who are your style icons? Edie Sedgwick, Kelly Kapowski, the ladies from Three’s Company, Debbie Harry…

What is the most worn piece you have? My grandpa has this ridiculous collection of vintage tanks and he let me take them so I definitely wear those out.

Shop Talk:

Do you shop for vintage, do DIYs, make fashion your own? Definitely vintage. I’m honestly a little too lazy for DIY but I have mad respect for the girls that do them.

What are you shopping for this fall? Fish tail everything! I’m obsessed.

The F21 Shoot:

Your reaction when chosen to be a member of Style Clique? O.M.G. !!!

What was the best thing about the shoot? The best part, which I would say is any girl’s dream, was walking into the room and seeing a sea of clothes and accessories and being told to “have fun!”

Favorite outfit you wore that day? The lace crop top with the blue maxi was my favorite because I had a secret love affair with that lace top and I can’t stop thinking about it.

Check Chanelle out at  The Penelope Times blog!