And Now You Know

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She compared us to a candy store. That kind of sweet talk gets you everywhere with us.

Blog Backstory:

How did your blog’s name come to be? When I was thinking up my blog I thought of it as my little keepsake and with that the name locks and trinkets just came to me.

What are 3-5 blogs you read daily?,,,

Style Bio:

In your own words: Quirky Chic with a pinch of Boho.

Who are your style icons? As far as pushing the bar of course Grace Jones, if I could walk down the street like that without looking crazy I would!

When did you realize you loved clothes? I think when I was about 6 and stopped letting my mom dress me because I “didn’t like her style.”

Shop Talk:

Do you shop for vintage, do DIYs, or make fashion your own? I’m obsessed with vintage shopping. As for DIY I’m currently studding a vintage leather jacket. I love taking pieces and just adding a little twist to make it your own.

What are you shopping for this fall? Definitely a pair of oxfords, a fur vest with a hood, chunky oversized sweaters, high stiletto boots, and some sort of cape jacket or kimono.

The F21 Shoot:

What was the best part of the shoot? I felt like a kid in a candy store! All the pieces were laid out and ours to choose from. Getting pampered with hair and make-up was nice too :)

Favorite piece from the new line? I love the Floral Kimono Jacket.

Favorite outfit you wore that day? The leopard print trousers paired with the sheer white blouse and blazer.  The sheer blouse is definitely a staple for fall. 

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