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Fashion / Sound Off: AWOLnation

Ever since the sultry-smooth-beguiling sounds of the hit-single “Sail” exploded in our eardrums, lead singer and L.A. native Aaron Bruno has been hot on our radar, and for good reason.  AWOLnation’s blend of upbeat synths, thrashing guitars and Aaron’s raspy, hard rocker vocals drags us into a mysteriously futuristic world and spits us out dancing.  With the band prepping to ignite the stage at KROQ’s Almost Acoustic Christmas this Saturday, we thought it was the perfect time for us to have a little chat with Aaron – to find out more about the real man behind the microphone.

5 words or less, describe your sound: That is impossible for me!

Album on repeat: Cold Fact by Rodriguez

Most-loved movie quote: “This next one is in the key of B, watch for the changes, and try to keep up.” – Back to the Future

Most embarrassing trend you rocked when you were younger: Hammer pants, steel-tip shoes, black Raiders turtle neck, gold cross necklace, Pittsburg Pirates hat, with a wavy mullet – all together.

If you were an animal… [I would be a] dolphin, so I could surf any wave I wanted.

Song that makes you want to dance party: Smooth Criminal

Signature dance move: The Moonslide

Super power: Time travel

90s trend that you’re dying to bring back: The 90s ARE back!!!

Fav Thanksgiving food: My mom’s apple pie.

Best thing about the holidays: The beautiful weather in California !!!