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Fashion / Sound Off: 5 Questions with Crystal Fighters

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you too have been crushing hard on the charming sounds of alt-dance band Crystal Fighters. Their latest single “You and I” hit the airwaves last month and for some reason we just can’t seem to get it out of our heads. We’re smitten. Incorporating the instruments and sounds of their native Basque country, we can’t help but feel instantly transported to a majestic time and place every time we listen. Peek the band’s summer must-haves and obsessions below and then scroll on down to watch their heart-fluttering video for “You and I”. You’re welcome.


Sound in 5 words or less:

Fire, earth, wind, water and electricity

What inspires your sound:

Nature and the Basque country.

One thing you couldn’t live without:

Love <3

5 must-haves for a summer getaway:

Sandals, skateboard, headphones, beach guitar and a surfboard.

Currently obsessed with:

Tie Dye!

Peep the band’s latest video for the charming tune “You and I”:


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