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Fashion / Sound Off: 10 Questions with Schwarz Dont Crack


Now that you’ve met two of our blogger babes straight out of Berlin, we’ve got an R&B duo queued up that will have you jamming all weekend. Schwarz Don’t Crack is giving us the inside scoop on style and music in Berlin along with a few flashbacks that their parents would definitely appreciate. So listen up!


Tell us about yourselves!

Ahmad: My Name Is Ahmad, lead vocalist for the R&B band Schwarz Dont Crack. I moved to Berlin from NYC 2 years ago.

Sebastian: I’m Sebastian, producer for the R&B band Schwarz Dont Crack. Moved to Berlin from Southern Germany 3 years ago.


 Where do you see yourself performing in 10 years? And in 40 years? 

A: In 10 years, Madison Square Garden. In 40 years, in front of my friends at my beachside villa in Bali! :)

S: Royal Albert Hall or Wembley would be great ;)


Who are your music idols?

A: Prince, for sure!

S: Richard Ashcroft! So we could talk about the place where all the ends meet. Haha


What music did you listen to as a kid?

A: I grew up listening to 80s AND 90s R&B and pop. I also listened to 70s soul, like Chaka Khan and Rufus, Stevie Wonder, Milli Jackson and Donny Hathaway…my parents had the best record collection and the absolute best taste in music!

S: I grew up listening to the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Beatles etc. My father used to play all these bands for me and kept telling me how much he hated 90s pop music. I guess that’s the reason why I’m such a big Stones fan now… but I also really like 90’s pop music… Haha


 If you could teleport back to a certain musical era, which one would you go to?

A: Back to the 90s…NEW JACK SWING!!!

S: Late 70s/early 80s New York


How do you differentiate between stage outfits and your everyday look?

A: Interesting. Just looking thru videos of us performing, I must say my every day looks are exactly the same as my stage outfits…haha


 Are you into fashion personally? What’s your take on style vs. fashion?

A: Sure. I’m into fashion. I mean, I don’t know too many people who aren’t. I don’t take it super seriously but I’m definitely someone who likes to look good, but who isn’t so caught up in planning an outfit. I am very aware of my look when I perform, but that look is generally very casual…nothing crazy!

S: I really like clothes… but I wouldn’t say I’m into fashion. Having a personal style is more important to me than fashion.


 What epitomizes Berlin fashion to you?

A: Typical would be looking as if you got dressed with the lights off! It’s not a super fashionable city. Or let me rephrase that…no one really seems to care about luxury brands …but people, at least my friends, seem to have this instinctive way of dressing that just looks good!


 And what’s trending in Berlin right now?

A: Hmmmm…lots of BLACK worn here…but that’s like the oldest trend in the world, right?

S: Yeah, too much black.


 What is the one place visitors have to spot by in Berlin?



Want to hear more? Listen to a snippet of their track “Little Pieces” right here!